Some Basic Commands to Get Started

It’s always best if your dog knows certain commands to make them happier members of the household. When you have children in the home as well as a canine companion, dog obedience is even more important.

Whether you own a large or small dog, you want to make sure your pet understands vital commands that keep them and your children safe. Here are training commands your dog must know when you have children in the home.​

More than commands, dogs deserve to be praised using the command to let them know when they are doing good, and to let them feel praise when pressure is involved.  For instance: “Sparky sit, good sit, stay, good stay.” The trainer will go in depth to help you “talk dog.”  We always want to be fair and clear to our K-9 companions.


This command tells your dog to get their body off of whatever it is they are not suppose to be touching.  The command tells your dog that whatever they have in their mouth, they need to release it right away without tugging, straining or attempting to pick it back up. This necessary play command is beneficial for your children so they can easily tell your dog “off” when they are playing fetch or your canine companion gets frisky and takes off with a toy or other item they should not have.

While this is more or less a play command, this simple training technique can be a life-saver as well. For example, if your dog is tugging at a young child’s pant leg or attempting to make off with a choking child’s toy (such as a small doll), you can quickly tell your dog “off” and control the situation.


The “wait” command is used at boundaries.  It allows your dog to understand thresholds leading to freedom.  Wait is used to show your dog that they are not allowed in or out of doors that lead to freedom unless they are directly invited by a leader.  It gives them freedom to roam with in an area, letting them be a dog and have fun with set boundaries to keep you and them safe.

Once a dog training professional has taught you and your dog how to use the “wait” command successfully, you can have your dog wait by the door when your kids come home from school or wait to be let outside until your children are ready to play. This command helps you stay in control of your excited dog around your children until you are ready to let them interact safely.

Dog training isn’t just beneficial for your family; it’s beneficial for your canine companion as well. Dogs by nature are followers and are eager to please, so training them in the right commands for interacting with your kids is a great way to help them bond well and remain happy.

There is no wrong time to train a dog; however, beginning when your dog is a pup is often best. Our expert team of dog trainers are eager to help you and your dog be more obedient. Call us at Elite Dogs Training and Boarding to begin a training program that works best for your family.

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