Why Are Vaccinations Required?

Elite Dogs Training and Boarding have strict health standards for your pet’s wellness and safety. One of the questions we are always asked is, “Why are vaccinations required?” We have heard every excuse in the book for avoiding vaccinations, but the fact is that vaccinations are mandatory for boarding and there are good reasons for this requirement.

The most important reason is your pet’s health. Vaccinations have a proven track record of preventing major illnesses in your pet.

Vaccinations have improved as technology has developed, allowing the vaccinations to be safer for your pet, better tolerated by your animal, and even to last longer.

There are two tiers of vaccinations: Core vaccinations and Non-Core vaccinations. Non-Core vaccinations are based around the lifestyle and the environment in which you and your pet live.

Vaccinations serve to protect your dog as well as an unvaccinated dog with whom you may come in contact. By knowing your pet doesn’t have a disease, you don’t become a carrier of diseases and lessen the spread among other pets.

Since there are some people will not make wise choices for their pets if money is required, vaccinations had to become mandatory to enforce them. Call Elite Dogs Training and Boarding today for more information
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