How to Prepare Your Dog for a Kennel Stay

If you must board your dog at a kennel, you likely want to make their stay as easy for them as possible. Before you drop your pup off at the kennel, read these tips to help make their stay a seamless experience.

Do a Test Run

Most kennels will suggest having your dog stay with them on a short trial basis to ensure they get along with the staff and don’t show any signs of separation anxiety. This also helps you be more at ease for longer stays.

Bring a Piece of Home

Dogs have excellent senses of smell. If you bring their favorite blanket or toy or something with you scent on it, this may comfort them while they’re away.

Visit the Vet

Before you drop your dog off for an extended stay at a kennel, make sure their vaccinations are up-to-date. If they aren’t, you’ll probably want to make a visit to the vet to get boosters, as most kennels require dogs to be vaccinated.  We require vaccines be done at least three full days prior to your pets stay.

Be Positive

Chances are your pup is pretty in tune with your emotions. When you drop them off, remain calm and upbeat so they don’t associate the kennel with a negative experience. If you seem upset, it may make them distraught.  Try to make the good-bye quick and seamless.  This shows the dog that you are confident in where they are being left.

These are just a couple of tips to help you and your dog through the kennel process. For more information, contact Elite Dogs Training And Boarding.

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  1. I really like your tip to leave your dog’s favorite blanket with them at the kennels. It looks like my wife and I might be going on vacation for Christmas. If we do, we’d like to leave our dog with a kennel until we can pick her up.

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